Property surveying

Professional property surveys at their best!

Would you buy a property in your own country without having a professional survey done?

So why risk this is in a foreign country where there are even more pitfalls.

As a Chartered builder in the UK, and 15 years of experience completing various projects, snagging and surveying properties, let me assist you in surveying your property before you take the plunge and buy.

Working with recognised Portuguese lawyers, Notaries and Structural engineers.

Surveys offered:

General condition report

  • This includes general condition of the property inside and out. Looking at the basic services and visual inspection of all areas.

Full building survey

  • A detailed report of condition of property. Taking into account clients specific needs or concerns.Taking into account of structural issues of property, any underlying conditions that might cause you issues once renovations start. Includes snagging report.

Valuation report

  • Estimated cost of refurbishment works and full snagging report.

Snagging report on any new build properties